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As the founder of Sletten Law Office, PLLC I have 30+ years of experience counseling clients in estate planning, probate, and trust matters. I love meeting with clients and helping them solve their problems and plan their estates for their loved ones. I’m good at it.

However, one area I’ve had to work extra hard at to improve – especially over the last year – is my technology skillset. The last year has been challenging for all of us in many ways. But it’s also afforded us the opportunity to embrace the technological advances afforded to use when we haven’t been able to meet each other IN person. Now that I am offering most of my services to clients virtually, and I have mastered the technology necessary to do just that, I have a confession to make….

I do not come from technology stock. My octogenarian father purchased and displayed his smartphone to everyone, really, everyone. But even those who weren’t interested were treated to a blow-by-blow detail of his phone conversations, because he insisted on putting his phone on “speaker-phone” mode, at maximum volume, ALL THE TIME. He needed assistance putting the phone in “airplane” mode, which was handy because I did too. My daughter killed two birds with one stone with that instruction. Her compensation was me withholding comment when she rolled her eyes.

Although technology is not in my blood, with the proper motivation, I recognize and utilize technology. Case in point—all it took was a little sibling rivalry to propel me beyond the turntable to cassette tapes and a Sony Walkman. Had my youngest brother not come home from college sporting this “cool new technology,” I may not have matured into the cool person I am today. All my siblings did the same; Thanksgiving, saved.

I learned the hard way to save changes to documents early and often and to back up the hard drive regularly. These were major, painful milestones, but learned nonetheless. And now, well, as I’ve hurtled toward the “paperless office,” and virtual client meetings, ScanSnap is my new best friend!

Why confess my checkered past? Because I want to reassure you that if I can do it, so can you! Moreover, I want to tell you how and why. Stay tuned for more from me on this subject. Technology has never been more of a friend to us than it is in these times. But there is certainly a learning curve.

After reading, call me today to discuss your estate planning concerns and needs. I am also available if you feel like you want to throw your computer across the room. Trust me, calling me will be cheaper.