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Estate Planning, Probate, and Trust Law

The popular conception of estate planning is of a wizened tycoon scrawling out his final will and testament, jotting down simple instructions for what he wishes to become of his fortune and properties. While this has some basis in truth, real estate planning is for men and women just like you—people who wish to leave their families prepared for whatever is to come.

To do that right, a will just won’t cut it. Not only is a will made a matter of public record upon your passing, but it also lacks the dynamism necessary to see that your family is taken care of the way you desire. That’s where I come in.

Estate planning is a toolbox, with a variety of different tools that can be fit to your specific situation. You and your family are unique. My years of experience as an estate planning attorney in Minnesota allows me to understand your needs and find the right tool to achieve your goals. Please, if you want to leave your family with a plan that is more than just ‘one-size-fits-all’, contact my office today for a free consultation.

Did you know?

Estate planning is not only about what happens after you are gone—you deserve a say in the care you receive at the end of your life. We ensure that your wishes are met with a variety of legally-binding tools, such as an Advance Health Care Directive (also known as a “living will”).

Probate Law

Our office also has a history of successes in probate court, ensuring that our clients emerge with everything they rightly deserve. If you find yourself embroiled in a contested battle over an inheritance, you need an experienced probate attorney by your side.


If a will is the foundation, a trust is the structure of every good estate plan. Trusts are highly customizable and can be adapted to fit the individual circumstances of you and your family. What’s more, they offer a bulwark against the estate taxes imposed by both the state and federal governments.


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