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Adaptability. That’s been a mantra that many have embraced over this past year. We find ways to adapt in our daily lives. And we find ways to adapt professionally.

This has been a focus in my professional and personal life over the past year. I’m grateful to have been able to lean on technology we’ve had within our grasp to serve and stay connected to clients and loved ones.

When I officially announced this spring that Sletten Law Office had “gone virtual,” it was a point of pride for me to look back over the last several months to know that making this change has served my clients well.

Firm Philosophy: Meet clients’ legal needs in the safest, accommodating, most cost-effective way possible.

Structure of Practice: Even after this pandemic is over, I plan to operate primarily virtual, incubating the procedures I have developed during the extraordinary circumstances of the last year.


– Mail: I receive mail in a virtual mailbox and my mail is scanned and emailed to me for review.

– All billing is done virtually, through my client portal. Zelle and Venmo payments are also accepted.

– All client meetings are done through video chat software (including signings). In person meetings are available if specifically requested.   

– Documents are routinely delivered by courier.

I’ve found that clients have grown accustomed to my virtual practice arrangement. Few clients have been requesting to travel downtown to Minneapolis or St. Paul for a consultation or signing.

While I still have the ability and willingness to meet in person, Sletten Law Office clients are now empowered to accomplish many of their goals in a virtual setting.

I’m always happy to chat with clients and prospective clients to explain how the virtual capabilities of my practice works and how it can be a benefit to your Estate Planning needs.